Fatty fuckness…

It’s one thing to admit to me you want me, then throw me to the wolf pack, crying wolf. You’ve known who I was, you know me, don’t be lying and shit and claiming to assume you made a mistake. I can’t help the fact that you’re a damn coward fatty fuck face. You rather everyone in your life to control you, your feelings, your emotions, when you take a shit and piss. Don’t take it out on me fatness.

I actually like girls on the heavy side though, because usually they’re better than the skinny ones that claim to love me, and whore on me. I open up to you, you shit me out. I gave you me, you threw me away. You betrayed me, you lied, you told me stories and lies, and cornered me. Fuck you. I thought you were better then that. I was wrong. Fuck you. Fuck your fucking family and friends and fuck the games you played me with. Be their fucking puppet.

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