Every time I try to love…

It’s not but bullshit games anyway… They really don’t love you at all. It’s just a game, and the same game that pisses me the fuck off from beginning of time. And I’m fucking sick of it..

They all always put me/us down for certain things, yet they do the same things and shit. I’m fucking tired of it!! Go to hell, just when I get there in hell, please stay away from me…. I’d hate to get an infection, disease, or whatever… I’m not good for you now, but the losers you with can make the world so much better… Ironically, this coming from those that aren’t happy at all with their current shit relationships.. or aren’t they? Ah yes, this is where the games come in, that they don’t like played to them, yet play them against us guys from get go…

If you want to play games, go hook up the Xbox and play them with the kids. Leave me the fuck out of it.. And all the bitches, whores, mind gamer players, sluts, cheaters… you’ve lost out on a good thing.. the “mrs’s i don’t want all that stuff yet do it to the guys anyway!!”

Put the hip boots on, grab a shovel.. start digging… I don’t need to hear it anymore… After the hole is dug, hop in it, so i can bury the body… im done. good bye fuck cunt, sluts, head gamer players, whores… cheaters…

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