I must be a….BITCH MAGNET!

I don’t know what the hell is going on! But I must be a bitch magnet! It seems like I’m being “punished” or something. If I am, Please tell me why and for what so I won’t do the shit again!! The past few relationships it’s like, I happened to get with Bipolar Bitches from the depths of Hell!

With the X-Wife (Note X Wife) hahaha….wonder why!! Anyway…..in the beginning while just dating, everything seemed fine and so forth. No BITCHING no nothing. But once we tied the knot, it all went down the toilet with the rest of the shit! I don’t know why or how to this day was that possible for her to not be a bitch the whole time we were dating and then all the sudden turn DEVIL BITCH on me when getting married. I didn’t do anything wrong to her as far as I know.

My days went something like this: wake up in the morning to Bitching, throughout the day it was Bitching and going to bed was Bitching! And all about stupid bullshit! Half the shit didn’t even make any sense or nothing, nothing to be all mad about. It’s like wtf Bitch!? What is the fucking problem!!?? Did you forget to take your Bipolar medications again or something!? hahaha..naa…she wasn’t on any….but she Should Have Been!

Here is some of the shit I had to put up with 24 fuckin 7!!!


I just wish I could find some attractive young lady and a non-bitchy one all in one! I don’t know anymore….my life sucks hairy ball sacks along with the wonderful “Love Life”. If any young attractive females run across this post…please! please! maybe drop me a line or something! I have a pic of me in the Albums section. I know I might sound like a prick with these topics and so forth..but that is only because My Life Sucks Dick! Nothing in it is good really…well there is one thing…being alive! For what!? Just to live in it! Woot!! Woot!! Wow!! That is the greatest thing ever! I can’t beat that! Fuck! I need vodka! That usually helps in these “Wonder-Fucking-Ful” situations!!

That’s all for this topic….prolly update the fucker then later. Keep checking back for more Wonder-Fucking-Ful posts! That’s All! That’s It! No More Shit!


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