Gotta love the…… Spam Mail!!

Nothing makes my day like SPAM MAIL! You just can’t fucking beat it…just when you think you got them fuckers deleted from the INBOX….more just keeps coming and coming!

I swear! I add like most of them addys to my junk address book and have them go straight to hell in the trash bin and it’s like they smile at me and say THINK AGAIN BASTARD! While having that Chumbawamba song in the background: NEVER GOING TO KEEP ME DOWN!!

Damn! I wish I could just send a few fucking thousand spam emails right back to the BASTARD SENDERS just ONCE! That’s All! Have their own spam emails shoved up their fucking asses so far it comes out their mouth like the shit they are trying to sell! Some of it I can’t even understand! Jesus! Fucking retards or something LOL!!

Also, some of them seem like they might be a good email and then when reading inside it….it’s like: PLEASE WATCH MY MOTHER FUCK ME, MY BROTHERS AND THE FAMILY DOG! All-righty then! I can’t wait to join that site lmao! NOT! DON’T FUCKING THINK SO PERVERTS FROM HELL! I might like porn! But not that shit!

Just like the fucking porno spam emails! Why in the hell would I need to get porno spam emails for!!?? I already know where to go to get it! I have memberships here and there! (Oops! Please note I haven’t lately hahaha! Too busy with site!) But any fucking ways!

I don’t need this shit! My shitty life already sucks cock! I don’t need anyone else’s “cock” being shoved in my life’s face to suck to! Jesus! That’s all!


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