Shit Friends…..

Well! I’m not sure really where to start, being that the post title pretty much tells it all! Well..ok some thoughts are coming to mind now hehe…. Umm…I often wonder and ask myself…what are “friends” and how should they act or not act?

I came to this conclusion…”friends” any more are just shit! They use you more then strangers do in general! They don’t know how to treat you, have respect for you, love you and general things that “friends” would normally do or suppose to do towards their “friends”.

I just don’t fucking understand it anymore. It’s not like it used to be while growing up in High School or whatever. With the “friends” these days, I my as well just be friends with a mass murder or a terrorist lol! Fuck It right!!?? I mean come on! Atleast they do what they do….do it well and don’t hide anything from anyone…well for the most part lmao! Atleast they are being real with you!

(Example: They would just walk up to you and kill you or someone that you love….they wouldn’t wait for a while and then stab you in the back, he would just up and do it then and there! No lying or nothing, it’s already done….he did his job and well! If that shit happened to me, I would prolly thank him and tell him, damn man!, I’m glad I met a friend like YOU!)

Here below is a list of how friends are any more.

1) LIARS from hell!- (Yes! I’m telling you the truth friend…I wouldn’t lie to you! YEAH RIGHT bastards!)

2) BACK-STABBERS-….they just will end up back-stabbing you in the end!

3) USERS!– They will milk you for everything your worth…even if you were shit! They will suck the shit outta you!

4) CHEATERS!– I wouldn’t take your girl man! You have to believe me! OK FUCKER! Whatever you say! The next thing you know…you get a call from your girlfriend and she says you and her are done! And later find out it’s either your best friend or just a friend of your’s.

5) BI-POLAR-NESS!– Anything related to bitches, sluts and things of that nature falls here, being that one time you can talk nicely to them, they had a bad day with someone else, and then they snap on you for nothing. They just like to basically treat you like shit and bitch at you… you are their bitch dumpster or whatever! Time to bitch and release my stress on our “friends”, I know he/she won’t mind! Once again…..YEAH RIGHT BITCH! Did you take your BI POLAR MEDS today!?

6) PASSING THE BUCK– They only like you and or flirt with you to “pass the buck” so to speak. There is nothing like getting someone else’s work load or whatever cause they “like” you! This could really go under USERS but, fuck it lmao! They just like you so they can get outta some work…this is fucking bullshit! FUCK OFF AND DIE WHORES!

7) PLAYERS– They could prolly go under a catagory from above as well….but I wanna keep things separate here a bit lol. Anyways…”players”, women and men will just “play” you for stupid fucks! They will tell you shit in a serious manner, basically lie about all kinds of shit, not really care about you from the start…..they will fuck your head up beyond belief, you will basically rot away in an institute cause you can’t handle the bullshit stress and so forth they dish out. But again, if that comes back in their faces, HEAVEN FORBID, that isn’t right! Fuck it all!

Well….FUCK “FRIENDS”, they can fuck themselves all the way to heaven…cause I don’t wanna see them in HELL lmao! Well that is all for now, I will update this post then. laters


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