Apparently everyone missed the memo that was hung up on my middle finger…

Like I said in a post way back in Sept 2004. “Friends” are shit…

Now, before people start getting their panties into a bunch, this is referring to LOCAL OFFLINE “friends”, not online “friends”. Anyway, you know who are true friends, when they at least act like it, or ARE really being friends to you.

Evidently, a handful of local “friends” keep forgetting, that I really don’t give a flopping fuck if I don’t see them, hangout with them all the time, if they’re starting drama, or just talking smack about me behind my back. Um, I’m sorry to burst the bullshit bubble, but, I don’t give a flopping willy dilly fuck about anything, or anyone.

The expression “Bros before hos” apparently only works if it’s being used towards me. They used to always say that to me when I spent alot more time with my girlfriend, rather than them. All this dissing that you’re doing, all the bullshit drama you’re dishing out, all the general retarded games and bullshit you pull, won’t ever phase me a bit.

It just boils down to one thing, I was awesome before you came into my life, and will always be awesome if you’re in it or not. And no matter what ya all say or do, won’t phase me a bit. Why? Because, I really don’t give a flopping shit. Keep running your lives into the gutter and cesspool of shit fuckers.

While I’m at the top level of life, I’ll be sure to wave down to you all and take that daily jingle on you. Good luck with your shitty lives. Fuck you, fuck what you do, fuck everything about you, fuck ya all to hell. I’m done with this bullshit, tata!

P.S. Please note: Not ALL friends are shit, I put the word “friends” in quotes. Because it’s referring to those that CLAIM to be “friends”, but really aren’t anything but a steaming pile of fucking shit. There’s a difference.

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