Wonderful Relationshits….I mean, Relationships

I just love relationships! You know why!? Cause it never fucking fails…you always end up getting hurt in the end by some bitch or asshole saying they won’t hurt you, but they do anyways. Go fucking figure right?! I mean this is a bunch of shit!

They always tell you that they won’t hurt you, fuck you over, cheat on you and blah blah. But then they do it any fucking ways! THAT FUCKING PISSES ME OFF! They also tend to tell you how much they have been hurt and played before, and DO NOT WANT THAT AGAIN! But then they do it you anyways! I’M FUCKING SICK OF THIS SHIT! My as well die a loner, fuck it all. Atleast you know you’ll be dead and can’t have anyone fuck you over and your feelings all ripped to hell!

Then they also have the balls to blame it ALL on you to. Like they never did anything wrong or something, NEWS FLASH CHEATING SLUTTY BITCH WHORES! YOU DID IT IF ANYONE! FUCK OFF AND DIE! I’m sure you will get along with some “wonderful” guys or girls in the septic tank!

Shit! This whole time of talking about shitty cheating sluts, assholes, relationships and bitches, makes me have to take a BIG SHIT NOW! THANKS FUCKERS! And while I’m taking that nice big shit! Please! Please! Keep it down! You know were DONE! I don’t need you begging me for a second chance from the depths of the septic tank while I’m on the shitter!

By the way, I’m sending down some buddies for you to play with! Maybe could even be that new HUBBY you have been looking for!? I dunno….I’m out…later!


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