Iraqi Bastards From Hell!

Now….this shit pisses me off more then the bi polars and sluts and stuff! The first time I heard about that young man that was beheaded, upset me greatly. I think it’s about that time for a few good A-BOMBS to be dropped on that piece of shit land over yonder! Of course we’ll have to get all the Americans outta there first…and maybe some so called “good” iraqi peoples to…the ones that are not doing the terrorist acts.

We could call this “Operation Toilet Flush“.  Being that they live in the land of shit, and the terrorist Iraqi bastards are SHIT! Everything over there is SHIT! I just think it’s a good time to flush the toilet and send it all where it belongs…..THE SEPTIC TANK! It makes me sick to even think about that guy being beheaded and what he had to go through while it was going on.

I shouldn’t have even gotten out of the military a few years ago….damn it! I often even think about going back in again…..just to be able to maybe go over there and flush some shit! Just once I’d love to have the chance to kill them fuckers that killed that guy. I was an M1A1 tanker when I first went into the Army. I would love to just take the tank and have each Iraqi bastard lined up…. and cap them one at a time with a few tank rounds, rather then just a M16 or 50 Cal machine gun! To have one or two of them big tank rounds going through their shitty Iraqi bastard flesh would be fucking awesome! DAMN IT! I WANT BACK INTO THE MILITARY!

Then once that big round would pass through them shitty bastards….we could all yell…HOLY SHIT…this is fucking awesome! Now their not just SHIT…but, HOLY SHIT! Maybe that’s where that saying original came from! I dunno….would only makes sense…. Anyway…I think it’s high time to take all them bastards out, fuck it! I mean they keep doing this shit to Americans and their own people, and FOR WHAT?! They are not proving ANYTHING! What is the point in killing people that do not do anything wrong!? I mean….now if they started killing off themselves, and other terrorist bastards…that would be fine, cause it would save our military the trouble…but….all in all..THEY ARE BASTARDS! They need to be FLUSHED! That’s all….I’ll update this post then later. I’m out..later all!


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