Make Up Your Damn Mind!

I’m starting to think that girls/guys these days are so fucking confused or stupid/retarded it’s not funny. I don’t know why or for what reason…but when it comes to finding that “special” person (possible bf or gf)…they are either confused beyond belief or just plan stupid/retarded.

It’s like jesus fucking christ! I mean how hard is it to go out and maybe find someone that interests them!? Or if they can’t…then JUST WAIT! You will FIND that person then eventually…they don’t always just come up to you and say: HI! IM THE ONE THAT YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR ALL YOUR DAMN LIFE! LET’S GET MARRIED! Well the ones that do that are just trying to get down your pants or just want to use you for all they can get..mostly players, users and the like.

The other problem is people are WAY TOO PICKY! Especially the girls for the most part…geesh! (Example: She see’s a (semi) cute guy…she tries talking to him….they have most in common, but then he says something kinda odd ballish like and she says: well I might give you a call sometime….and never does.) It’s like what the fuck bitch!? One thing outta 50 things in common must have been the total turn off or something……damn!

I admit, I use to be picky about girls and or women…..I only really wanted to get a skinny sexy blonde, brunette or something like that…but them girls are usually just sluts and bitches just waiting for that perfect moment to fuck you over and make your life a living hell! I can’t stand it anymore…I mean atleast the bigger girls are a little more “LOYAL” or “HONEST” about shit and don’t really think about cheating on you the first chance they get. Well most biggons won’t LOL! The only ones that would are the ones that know they can get the dick when they need it. (Usually the ones that don’t give two shits about themselves and basically give their bodies over for a fucking bag lmao!)

Any fucking ways…I think girls and guys need to look at what’s sitting in front of them everyday and realize that they might just hit the jack-pot with that someone near or around them most of the time. (Example: Work, Friends, Next Door) …but they just too stupid or whatever and keep them on the back burner.

Which is stupid to, cause that person can only take the backseat for so damn long! The one on the back-burner usually ends up saying: fuck it all and then doesn’t want anything to do with them. I hate this shit to…it drives me up a fucking wall. I did that before also….kept girls on the back-burner so to speak and then they said: FUCK IT! I’m not waiting for your ass….and then that’s when you actually wanted to get with them. You later find yourself kicking yourself in the ass for being the biggest dumbass on the planet.

You just can’t be SO DAMN PICKY! If you can go through DOZENS of relationships with users, players and the like and still want more and still get with more of them…they why is it so damn hard to try someone that actually went through the same shit you did and give them a chance!!? Someone that doesn’t want to be hurt, played and such…just like you. Well that might be asking too much or something..I dunno. Maybe most just like being hurt and used…or maybe that’s just me LOL!! I’m tired of the back-seat..and I’m sure anyone else in their right mind would be to…I’m done later all….


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