Just some incoming hits from search engines….

I had gathered about all the incoming hits coming from just search engine searches to the Plog, and added them on the page below here. Here below is the link to the newest page for the site. You are getting the first look at it! SO YOU ARE SPECIAL! 


Search engines such as: Google, Aol, Yahoo, Feedster, MSN, DogPile and so forth. Now I didn’t add how many hits for each link beside all the damn links, because it’s too much. I know my hit-counter isn’t right because I had shaved off a good amount of hits before, I had added it the first time way back. And it’s not really right, being that in my main site control panel….it shows as 86351 just for this month alone!

Well! I’m glad I’m not the only one out there with BITCH, SLUT, USER problems lmao! Thanks everyone for visiting my site. I hope you share my site’s link with your friends and please pass the word. I’m done…laterz..


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