Someone needs to make a…..

SOOPED UP METAL DETECTOR! This would be so fucking awesome! I wouldn’t mind having one myself! To just get a case a beer and have a sooped up metal detector. Stroll through the park, peoples yards or whatever.

My idea is….to have a metal detector with a super powerful magnet built right in to it! This way when you go across the park or whatever and it starts beeping, no matter how far down the coin, ring or whatever is….you could just kick on the super powerful magnet and it comes up to the metal detector! NO DIGGING AND BENDING OVER REQUIRED!

This would also be awesome for the cops to use when searching for dead bodies that are buried or whatever. Anything metal like on the body, such as the buttons on their jeans or clothing that has metal on it, would be brought right up to them! They wouldn’t have to dig! Just crank on the super magnet and the body comes up to them!

DAMN! I WANT ONE! Could you imagine how much shit you could find with it!? Jesus! And the cool part about the magnet would be…..silence! You could be in someone’s yard and find their rings, expensive shit….and they wouldn’t even know you found anything! Turn the beeper down to lowest setting and go! Plus with the super powerful magnet there, you wouldn’t make a scene because you don’t have to dig! They could even walk up to you and ask if you found something, and you could just say NOPE! NOT A DAMN THING! And walk away with a $1,200.00 ring while it’s still attached to the bottom of the detector. How would they know!?  

I HOPE SOMEONE MAKES THIS UP SOON! I WANT ONE! I’m done for now….I might update this post later….


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