Truck Drivers …..


I am fucking sick and tired of the god damn truck drivers around my area! Fucking… cock-sucking, motherfuckers! I hate them all!! I wish I can run them fuckers over with their own rigs and shit!

It never fails! While cruising at a good 50 to 60 mph down the road, the truck drivers will sit at the stop signs like they suppose to….as they see ya getting closer to the intersection, they pull out and then drive slow as fuck across your path. While you are slamming on the brakes and shit, trying to slow down so you don’t slam into the side of their trailers, they just be creeping along like nothing is wrong!


Why don’t you just backup yet to!? I mean shit, we are already at a dead stop waiting on your ass to go by, why not just backup then pull forward again real slow? It’s not like we have anything important to do at that time! What really needs to be done is, they should install red-lights there or something….because the damn stop signs are not working great. Sometimes they’ll stop, but most of the time they pull a California stop, and it pisses me off!

The one time, it was snowing and shit….and the trucker didn’t even stop, he just went through the fucking stop sign and my pap, wife and I were in pap’s truck driving along there and had to stop quick but couldn’t and then went sliding left and right trying to avoid slamming into the backside of his trailer….the wife was all in tears and I was like O FUCK! O FUCK! And held onto the dashboard….because we came REAL CLOSE to hitting it. Fucking truck drivers need to be watched more by the cops in that area and be handed a hefty fine or something… it’s just fucking bullshit! This shit shouldn’t even be happening….I hate them pricks, they need to be taught a lesson and I wouldn’t mind being the Teacher! I’m done with this shit… laterz


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