About the newest theme for site….

I have made a new theme for the main site and possibly one for the blog. It is really bland, nothing special…but, some of my online msn messenger friends say, they like the one I have now, better then the new one I just made.

O well…I have been thinking about it and I decided to go another route and make something else that is more simple. I’m tired of spending or wasting time on layouts and shit, and no content gets added….because I’m using hours of finding the perfect imagery and color scheme for a design…. Anyways…I thought I would share the link to the Grey Layout I had recently made.

I wanted to show you what I have been doing over the holidays, so you don’t think I was just lying to you. Here’s the link…


There is no content there, it’s just the basic layout and such. I hope you like it, and thanks.

P.S. I know the logo looks retarded or whatever, but I didn’t spend too much time on it lol! I just wanted to get it done and uploaded to net. I plan to make a better one then, just don’t have time right now, I gotta go to work soon…. lata

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