For the idiots….

People often bitch, cry and complain about how I don’t update shit. Well…if you weren’t half retarded….you’d know when changes were made. When I said I was going to add more porn to the Porn Gallery eventually….I meant it.

For one: Check the fucking count number for each god damn gallery. If you checked the galleries yesterday…..and they read something like (example amounts):

1) Hardcore is: 23

2) Fetishes is: 35

3) Incest Porn is: 45

4) Seducing is: 78

5: Whatever is: blah blah

And the next day…..the number counts went up in each gallery. That meant….WOW! He actually updated the porn gallery. I mean shit people….we can’t be that stupid can we?! O wait…..yeah..we must be.

For fucks sake….I just added like almost hundred images in one night. I don’t think anyone knows it yet! That’s fucked up! Another way to tell is….click the LAST UPLOADS link at top of page, to find out what was recently added to the porn gallery.

Or, you can tell by the number here on index page, It’s down about 3/4 of the way saying something like this: 258 files in 8 albums and 8 categories with 0 comments viewed 3642 times.

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