Hello! My name is Twisted and I’m fucking DEPRESSED!

Depressed as a motherfucker! I don’t give two shits in the wind about YOU, ME or ANYONE ELSE I come across! I personally don’t care if I die, or do anything that pisses people off, or do anything in general.

I really don’t give a damn about shit. Welcome to Depression fuckers! You can’t please me, you can’t tide me over with shit…you can’t do nothing! If you’re depressed….welcome to the fucking club of HAPPINESS! Do what I do and drink BEER! I know! I know! It only lasts so long and you still have the same shit…. save it Mr. Wanna Be Therapist! Whatever….I don’t give a damn ….fuck it…I’m out for now….

P.S. Zoloft…is my friend! Zoloft…is my friend!

Zoloft…is my friend! Zoloft…is my friend! Fuck Zoloft!


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