Yaaawwn! Good morning!

Just another morning of bullshit….leading to the rest of the bullshit during the day! Good morning! Good afternoon, Good evening…..Good My Fucking Ass Crack!

I don’t know why people say that shit, because they always thinking: THIS DAY SUCKS HORSE WANG! THE PEOPLE ARE PRICKS, BITCHES AND MOTHERFUCKERS! Good moring, good afternoon or good evening …..WHAT??!! There isn’t anything “GOOD” about shit!

Every god damn day you get up, do the day, your fucked! Welcome to the planet of Hell! No matter what the hell you do, you’re still “FUCKED“! You can try to be the nicest fuck on the globe and still get the fucking of a life time! It won’t feel as good as that last lay, but…you’ve had the best fuck ever!

It don’t matter! You my as well stay in bed…..all day long….getting shit faced, watching tv. Fuck it right!? When going to work, it’s a drag, prick co-workers….or bosses. Nothing pleases anyone there. You do more work then anyone else, get paid less. Fuck it all!

You go to the store, you’re behind slow ass mothefuckers that make you wish you were at work! You could have put in a full 8 to 10 hours of the work day and atleast got paid for it. You’re fucked!

You could just be jogging around town, get raped and shit! Can’t even go for a jog without that chance of being molested, raped and fondled! My as well put a sign on the front door saying: Rape me! I’m jogging on the treadmill now! 2 more laps and I might just look appealing!

You can’t be a parent anymore, because there is always immature assholes and sluts out there trying to fuck ya or get down your pants, just to stir up shit between you and the spouse! I mean come on…why even get married!? My as well fuck everyone, be single and whoever is daddy or mommy is that!! Before you know it, the whole world is family. Everyone you run into is either a daddy, mommy, son, daughter, aunt, uncle and so on. What the hell!!??

Jesus! It’s so fucking sad! Before I was married..no one gave a damn about me, no one gave a damn about the wife! After having two kids and 5 years of marriage…..then all these prick motherfuckers wanted to fuck the wife like she’s an average day hoe, and girls wanted to fuck me to! This world is fucked up! Fuck it all…whatever!

You’re depressed as hell.! Who gives a damn….deal with it. The people think now, you my as well kill yourself! Why not right!? I mean…no one really gives a damn….they like to blame all your bad habits and distantences on other things, but, sickness! If you ran a 105 degree temp, you’re just faking it! Why even have doctors, therapists and shit! Fuck! No one gives a damn you anyways..my as well just kill yourself right!?

I don’t know anymore! Fuck it all…I’m tired of the way shit is going. LIFE SUCKS ASS! LIFE IS BULLSHIT! FUCK LIFE ANYONE IN YOUR LIFE SUCKS WANG! I’m out..lataz

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