Jesus Fuck! It has been a month already!!

Damn! I’m really getting lazy…well..scratch that, I have always been lazy. I guess it’s just because I don’t give a shit about updating. Yeah! That’s it! Anyways, some where along the line, my new site theme layout came up missing. I think I saved it to a cd while being drunk a few weeks ago.

So, I gotta go find it. Then I can get that fucker done and upload the bitch. I also hope to come up with $15.00 for my damn domain name before it expires, next month. Alot needs done here, and sooner or later it will get done. I promise…which reminds me, I gotta upload tons and tons of porno to.

I have been saving like a motherfucker, but, just never upload them. Oops…I will get to that then to.. anyways…that’s all, that’s it, no more shit!


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