Listen Up Fuck Nuts!!

Here is the deal, I’m working on all kinds of shit at the moment. I’m trying to work on various layouts for various pieces of shit!! At the current time, I’m working on a layout for the Plog, Movable Type 3.2, Joomla and my girlfriend’s pussy hairyness.

I know this shitty ass grey layout for the Plog is as boring as your grandmother on Sunday, while you’re drunk as fuck on Molsen Triple X and vicodin. It don’t quite mix too well, but fuck it…atleast you’re having fun. Any fucking ways…I’m going to bed now, I’ll get to this shit again when I get up…tata for now fuckers…

P.S. Jesus fucking christ, the god damn calendar is fucked up. What the hell!!? Just one more thing on the list to do yet…why not!? I need to get some beer, liquer and weed fuck it.. I’m too tired to deal with that piece of donkey dung yet… goodnight you piece of shit softwares and spammer bot twats..!

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