[ Brand New! ] A Custom Personalized Letter from Santa!?

From: Santa

Subject: Custom Personalized Letter from Santa

I hope you enjoy this special holiday shopping opportunity. We do our best to bring you the greatest holiday savings opportunities. If you wish to no longer receive these offers please use the unsubscribe link above. Thank you, and Happy Holidays!

What the fuck is this!!??

1.) Where’s the fucking link you’re talking about!?

2) Where in the fuck is Holiday Savings Opportunities!!??

Is this the letter you’d expect to get from fucking Santa Clause!?

Fuck No! It ain’t shit!!

Come on Santa! Are we slacking today, maybe following in my bad foot steps of being lazy!? What the hell!? Just wait Santa, I’ll make a letter or post about how to save on the Holidays and shit!! Just keep drinking that RUM until Christmas day ok?… The Vindictive Bastard is here to save YOUR DAY!! LOL!!


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