About the Mypress or Xrisxros

I have been getting a few emails lately from people, asking if the MyPress/Xrisxros is still working with my WordPress 2.0.2.

And my answer is NO! I haven’t gotten that to work at ALL with my blog. BUT! As far as I know, it only stopped working when I moved my Blog from:

domain.net/blog to just domain.net

though. It was working just fine, before I moved the blog’s location on my server. I have even removed the plugin from the plugins directory. Hopefully when I get some more time, or the Plugin Author gets this fixed, or whatever, it will be back up and working on my blog again.

Another thing I heard was, the Plugin Author was even thinking about dropping it, and giving up on it. I’m not sure though, I hope not.. but who’s to say. Well, that’s all I have on this… I’m out.


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