AO8R WordPress Theme release!

I’m finally going to release the AO8R theme now, screw it! I’ve spent how many god damn hours, days and possibly months on this bitch! I also had ALOT of help from others as well, and I will be making a “credits” page just for them then, here soon.

So as I’m pushing this little fucker away from the nest, I now give you the AO8R theme!

Demo Here!

Download Here!

Shitty support questions and what not, can be directed here to this thread on the WordPress forums.. Or, you can join the Support List I just made up and send your help requests via that way..just subscribe to the list and email away!

If you don’t like the color scheme of it, you can always lick my hairy nut sack! Please remember, that you can always modify the fucking thing however you want later.. Amen and God Bless god damn it!! Later..


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