Fuck and, or Chuck!

I have just received another email from Yahoo on my “Latest Matches” tonight, and have decided to do up a different approach to this article.. (Yeah right, latest “matches” my fucking ass!) Oh!!, Wait, maybe that’s what they’re trying to find “matches” for then… Ok!! Now I understand..

Anyways, on with the bullshit!This article is called: “Fuck and, or Chuck!” And here’s how it works… I’m *only* using all of the chick’s self pics, and then I will comment on them individually. By each one, I will say if I’d either “Fuck” them, or “Chuck” them, or who knows… maybe even both! I might even *add extra* comments by their photos, who knows, this is all for fun..

Here below is *all* of the chick’s self pics from this email, and by each one is their verdict.. Enjoy! Also, please remember, this is shitty Pennsylvania…beggars can’t be choosers..but, what’s there is there to choose from, just relax…this is only for fun!

Chick 1 – CHUCK!! Ewww! This one is fucking sick looking, wtf Yahoo!!?? This one could pass for a lesbian gone bad on the streets or some shit!!

Chick 2 – CHUCK!! Ewww! This one is *too fat* for me!! If I was in the dark with this one, I’d almost have to make sure I was really getting a blow job or not. Who knows if I was getting a blowjob from one of those extra chins, or something else for that matter..

Chick 3 – FUCK AND CHUCK!! – This one looks fuckable, but yet..I wouldn’t wanna keep her!

Chick 4 – CHUCK!! – Same thoughts and opinions as Chick #2. *Too fat* for me!!

Chick 5 – CHUCK!! – Same thoughts and opinions as Chick #2 and #4. *Too fat* for me!!

Chick 6 – FUCK AND CHUCK!! – I’d tap it, and scrap it! I mean, she’s not bad looking, yet..again, I wouldn’t want to stay with her though.. Just something about her, makes me believe she’d be a slut bitch from hell!!

Chick 7 – FUCK!! – I would *love* to fuck this one!! Hell yeah!! Wouldn’t you!? Thinking about it now, I’d definitely would want to keep this one!! Fuck yeah I would lol!!

Chick 8 – FUCK AND CHUCK!! – I don’t think she’s too shabby really.. Yet, just something with the face makes me wanna shy away.. wouldn’t you!? Yeah, thought so lmao!!

Chick 9 – FUCK AND CHUCK!! – I don’t think this one is pretty, I mean shit..she has ugliness written all up and down that ass..so, yeah..I’d just tap it and scrap it! Hey! This is P.A. now, come on people!! Allow some leanency here..

Chick 10 – CHUCK!! – Whoa! Besides being *fat*, her face is really manly looking. Kinda looks like some *fat* chinese dude done up like a woman…ewww! Sick shit!

Chick 11 – FUCK AND CHUCK!! – She really isn’t that bad looking at all. She seems to have some nice sized lips, you all know what that means lmao.. Just something about her though..can’t put my finger on it, [cough] I mean in it!

Chick 12 – FUCK!! – I’d *love* to fuck this one as well! Hell yeah I would! I know the picture doesn’t do “justice” though..sigh. But, I’m sure she’s sexy hot if seen in person!

Chick 13 – CHUCK!! – Eeek!! [Runs, and hides some where!] Ewww!! Hells no!! Hahaha…this is what it must look like when the aliens take over a human body..

Chick 14 – CHUCK!! – Eeek!! [Runs, and hides some where far, far away!] Ewww!! Hells no!! This one looks like a Frankenstein project gone wrong or some shit… wtf is that? I’m starting to think…that this one was really a female “Bigfoot” cleaned up or something. Is this even a known species?

Chick 15 – CHUCK!! – This is what it looks like, when you’d combine a piano with a human female. Look at those piano key, teeth, she has going on there lmao!!

Well, there you have it people! *Another wonderful* list of females in my shitty State of Pennsylvania!! [Mummbles] Jesus Christ…I seriously need to move..sigh.(Please note: This was posted a good while ago.. it’s NOT NEW!!

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