AIM chat log #2!

TGO (8:08:35 PM): pansy

Spencer (8:10:07 PM): brb gotta take a huge healthy shit

Spencer (8:10:47 PM): notice it hit me like a ton of brick when u got on here

TGO (8:10:49 PM): you could leave that part out you know.

TGO (8:11:03 PM): ur some what cool and all but i dont need to know all of your business

Spencer (8:11:06 PM): lmao

Spencer (8:11:36 PM): some what cool? i think you’re mistaken me for George Bush

TGO (8:12:12 PM): if you were dubya i wouldnt even be talking to you.

Spencer (8:12:24 PM): lmao

Hahaha. Gotta love the shit that’s discussed on Messengers lmao.

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