Dear Mother Satan, please shut the fuck up and adjust that crooked tampon…

Ah yes, another day at shit work and nothing like a pissy whiny “Mother Satan” old bossy bitch lady to make things even more enjoyable! NOT!

Anyway, here’s what happened today… I got into work today and she asked me if I painted over the weekend. I replied “yes, why?” She said, “where did you get the paint from?” I thought, “I waited for it to drip from your pussy, the best paint is old lady discharge.”

Anyway, I said, “the paint closet.” She said, “that paint was lotted for a project. You should have asked before using it.” I said, “well Don (The main painter guy there) told me to get more if I needed it!” She replied, “okay, but yeah, you need to ask first because paint is expensive.” Of course I was thinking, “No shit, Sherlock!”

To get the bitch out of my face quickly, I left it go. Later I find out, the project she was talking about was the one I STARTED MYSELF. The part of the building that I specifically asked her if I could paint myself, and she said yes too!

And turns out, the area I started myself was already basically painted with the same paint from a previous batch of paint, that I was told to go ahead and use anyway! So really, I didn’t use that much of the NEW batch of paint to finish the supposed “lotted/special” project she was getting pissy about to begin with! That Don guy was going to do it anyway! Really, I helped save their paint in the end!

How about this bitch, adjust that crooked Depends version of a tampon you got crammed up your pussy sideways collecting that old hag drainage and discharge and keep the lips zipped… I don’t need to hear your old ramblings of bullshit…

Keep stepping, keep moving, keep the mouth closed and pretend you’re doing your job in your office away from me, because you suck horse Willies and I’m Mr. Awesome at work…

Hey, I know you’re jealous of me, but please, please don’t take it out on me because you know everyone hates you and thinks you’re a fucking bitch with a steal and jagged pointy dildo shoved up your ass (so it ain’t gonna melt) while the crooked tampon is up the old hag twat sideways…

Face the facts bitch, you really ain’t my boss. Shut.The.Fuck.Up. I don’t want to hear your bitch mouth. Here’s some tissues…stop crying and clean up that discharge cunt!

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