Google Talk Chat #4

Spencer: instead of starting with BOOZE… drink hard shit first.. then go to, some vodka to get a buzz.. then stop and switch to beer

blacksnday: can’t buy the hard shit right now… hell I KNOW BF mad that I bought a 30pack 2day even though he didn’t say anything. LOLOLOL

Spencer: haha

blacksnday: I was all like, WELL YOU LEFT ME MONEY.. IT’S YOUR FAULT! LOL

Spencer: Just give him a 30 pack to make up for it .. say.. time for a thirty packings! bend over baby!

blacksnday: I did 2day ;d LOL hahhaahaha

Spencer: lmao… 30 tho? hahahahaha

blacksnday: hahaha

Spencer: tat a dolla bill on the dick and rail till its paid off

blacksnday: LMAO

The whole convo was started, because he couldn’t get a buzz after so many days of drinking previously. Sometimes after few days of drinking, then taking break from it, it’s hard to get a buzz or drunk again next day or so. It happened to me already before…back in the day.

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