Hot and steamy chirpy farts…

Ya know what REALLY sucks? Having those hot and steamy chirpy farts… Or as I also like to call them, “Silent but deadly farts”.

Ya know, those farts you get after eating alot of hot and spicy foods and such? Damn they suck! Besides having the feeling of a Volcano about to explode, you’re worrying about the hot molten lava shit that will flow out of your asshole, burning off your asshole, hairs, and anything else in it’s path…

On top of all THAT shit, hot and steamy farts are very unpredictable! Just when you think you’re going to let out a hot and steamy stinky chirpy fart, it turns out to be hot liquid shit, or in other words: diarrhea. God damn that shit really sucks. And I mean that literally. I guess the only true prevention of that, is to not eat hot and spicy foods and such.

Um, yeah right! I gotta have my hot and spicy foods! Oh shit, I’ll be back in a little bit…the Volcano is about to blow! More Cheyenne Pepper please!

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