Military man..

Most don’t know, I’ve been in the military. Basically right out of High School. Yep, in 1996, been there done it and would to do it again!

Nothing beats driving an M1A1 tank, shooting the 50 caliber machine gun, throwing live grenades, shooting the M-16 machine gun, 9mm hand guns, and eating M.R.E.S in the field.

Besides having to stay in shape, I think the worst part was having to take apart all the guns and putting them back together again in so many seconds. The actual physical training part, is what I loved most.

I’d actually LOVE to get back into Boot Camp again, because it taught respect, it taught you how to stay alert, stay in shape, how to eat and live off the land despite the worst case scenario you could face. I think, feel, and believe… that everyone in the world, NEEDS to be “ready”.

When the “shit hits the fan”, if war breaks out, if a nuke was dropped, if an A-bomb was dropped, if an asteroid hit, if a tidal wave struck, if anything of above happened or worse… would you be ready? Would YOU KNOW how to survive?

Personally, I think the average American would be a lost soul. Why, because everyone is so fucking spoiled rotten! That if something really happened, they wouldn’t know what to do! “Oh daddy, the microwave burnt out. Can we fix it?!” Um, NO!

We’ve just had an electromagnetic bomb dropped above the U.S.A. and it burnt out all, and everything electronic. Cars, microwaves, radios, T.Vs, cellphones, and everything else that’s electronic goes BYE BYE. Could you live?

Answer; Most likely not. Why? Because everyone is so pampered and spoiled by technology, and having everything handed to them on silver platters. It’s not making fun of anyone, it’s reality. If an A-bomb dropped in the U.S. what would you do?

Would you know how to survive it and live through it? Most responses would be no. I’ve been through Boot Camp (US Army) training. I’ve been taught alot of things, and quite frankly… I feel that it’s not fair or right, that the average citizens are “kept in the dark” about “how to survive”.

I firmly believe that EVERYONE needs to be provided with the tools in order to stay alive. Rather than be pampered all the time, try going without all your normal daily routines once. GO WITHOUT; video games, the microwave, the stove, the car, the backyard pool, the clocks, the computer, the TV, the phone, the normal way of life as you know it.

Train, learn how to survive without SHIT. Because before you know it, you really won’t have shit. And when that time comes, at least, hopefully, you’ll get through it. Because that time will come, and it won’t be long from now. Good luck with life, because I’ll always be here standing my ground.

Learn from those that know, because if you don’t, you will go. Tata!

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