I’m cleaning up the posts..

UPDATE: As far as I know, the clean up of the posts are done now. I’m going to go through some of the older ones and check them out once.. Thanks for your time.

I’ve decided to finally do a mass clean up of the posts now. I just backedup the database for the blog, twice. I have also backed up the posts themselves twice.

The plan is to remove ALL the FONT tags within the posts, using NotePad2 or MetaPad, then I’m going to redo the post tables in the Database in one shot, hopefully with no problems. [crosses fingers]..

I’m doing all of this because when I had used Plog before, now known as LifeType, while writing up articles, the software added tons of FONT tags and shit to the posts, which was spitting out tons of Validation errors, when I had made the switch to WordPress..

Hopefully everything goes ok, so if there is any problems and shit while your visiting, it’s just because I’m doing database work.. I just thought I’d let everyone know…

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