Random thoughts on my mind lately..

Here below are just some random thoughts I’ve been having lately.. I’m not expecting any replies to this, or whatever.

Anyways, here they are people! (The main questions are black by the way. Then after them, are some comments and thoughts on it.)

1) Why do BIG chicks cry, moan and groan, or even bitch when guy’s turn them down for dates or relationships?

But yet, when there are guys that actually like them for who they are, and want to date them… *Those guys* are the ones that get treated like shit, and turned down?

Just doesn’t make any God damn sense whatsoever.. What’s the fucking point of even trying to get with anyone anymore lol? It’s actually quite sad…fuck it all!

2) What’s the point of getting married anymore?

I mean shit people, *usually* 95% of the marriages don’t work out, because the people can’t stand each other after a period of time. *Or,* someone in the relationship is cheating..resulting in a divorce.

Another 4% of marriages still mean shit, they just haven’t gotten the divorces yet, because either they just too damn lazy or don’t have the money for it, and don’t need the hassle.

The remaining 1% of marriages that are still going on, still have someone that is unhappy within it. Just the people didn’t wake up to reality yet, and say shit.. my marriage sucks ass!! And admit to themselves..it’s time to either end this shit, or get help! *Cough* Or, get with me lol!!

3) What’s the point of being nice to people anymore?

I mean, it’s *good* to be nice, but..when someone steps all over you, or treats you like shit because you’re being nice.. That’s fucked up!

And yet, at the same time..when you’re normally ignornant and treating people like shit, because you were always treated like shit because of being nice,..everyone bitches and complains and tells you to be nice… WTF PEOPLE!?

I dunno, this is just *some* of the shit I’ve been thinking about lately.. More to come later.. I’m done with this..

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