Internet Relationships = Bullshit

Thanks to a buddy of mine, I’ve now considered the fact that internet relationships are really and truly are bullshit. Here’s why…

  1. They’re too pussy to actually meet up with you.
  2. They’ve got too much going on in their life to consider you a factor in their life. They bitch, moan, groan, and whatever else that you don’t bother with them, yet don’t do anything themselves to encourage the relationship is going any where.
  3. It’s all talk, no walk. It’s endless bullshit. Hopes of it going any where, is fail from start.
  4. Everyone has excuses for their actions, so really there’s nothing going to happen in the long run.
  5. Let’s talk of good dreams, fantasies, and let’s hope of some thing good! Yet, they don’t bother anyway, because they’re too busy with their own bullshit. “I’m taking a shit, I’ll deal with you later.” … “I’m doing this or that, fuck you for now, I’ll handle you later”. Well fuck you too! I’m tired of this bullshit, it’s all bullshit talk and failure anyway.
  6. Let’s reply to you when I’m good and ready, I’ll wait for your response when I’m ready to view it. Other then that, who cares?
  7. I’ll speak and want the same things and hopes and dreams that you want, but I won’t do anything myself because I got my own life and who gives a fuck about you!? My current life means more than you! Although, I want you apart of it!
  8. It’s just never going to happen, there’s always an excuse to not make it happen. “I’m dealing with my 5 kids, I’m dealing with court, I’m dealing with this or that… ” It’s merely just bullshit talk, tagging you along … for time being, to make you happy… In long run, it means, It’s not going to happen.

Why bother? Really there’s no point in it… I’m tired of the same repeating shit talk… I’m done. I want someone serious and local, that’s not bullshitting me. For once, I’d love to meet someone that ain’t pussy and does want to meet me and is serious about me, no bullshit excuses. Ha!

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