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31 December, 2007
m1ke_sup3rstar must be gay!– also tagged , , , ,

Like I was saying in my previous post. I think it’s bullshit that people want me to add them to my Contacts list and then don’t respond back to me… Take this “m1ke_sup3rstar” for example… I tried on various occasions to see “who they” are, what “they” wanted, and etc etc… YET NOTHING! Well, take a […]

7 December, 2007
Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick– also tagged , , , , ,

Oh God I’m on a roll with these Nursery Rhymes lmao! You know the song, sing it people! The gay homosexual Jack Be Nimble version… Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack would rather sit on YOUR candlestick. —-THE END—- Maybe some more versions to come later on…