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2 February, 2023
Theme update– also tagged , , , , , ,

Velimir from https://x1code.com/ is working on a responsive theme version for tablets and cell phones and we’re having issues with the hamburger menu at moment. Once it’s fixed I’ll comment on this post as an update. Then the theme will be accessible and working on tablets, cell phones, ipads, etc etc. Please bare with us while […]

25 January, 2023
Original blog theme is back again!– also tagged , , , , , ,

Thanks to Velimir from https://x1code.com/ he helped me get my original theme back working again. Normally he charges 1,000.00 for custom themes but only charged me $60.00. Which was a huge relief and a big help. Thanks again Velimir for getting my old theme back up and running again. I originally paid $250.00 for the […]