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3 September, 2008
Joe and I’s Yahoo Chat about MoShitta, I mean…Mozilla Thunderturd…– also tagged , , , , , ,

Spencer: well actually.. that default theme is still fucked tho bro Spencer: changing the theme is only temp solution Joe: true Spencer: “technically” Joe: yea Spencer: actually.. if that guy or them guys would have seen screen shots.. they would have SEEN it was default thunderturd theme.. LMAO Joe: they did, they just didnt recongize […]

3 September, 2008
Mozilla Thunderturd, I mean…Thunderbird is a piece of shit…– also tagged , , , , ,

Wow, I never thought I would be saying this, but, Microshit (Microsoft) has a new competitor now… I always thought Microsoft was the leading software provider for SHIT, but apparently Mozilla wants to be “the one and only”, for providing the shit… Well, you can see for yourself in the images below… Click these images […]

13 December, 2007
Some of the shit I say in Messenger Offlines…I tell ya…– also tagged , , , , , , , , , , ,

Even I crack myself up sometimes, after going back through offlines I leave people on Messengers… Well, take this one for example… Spencer: u there Spencer: I’m downloading shitty microshit updates and shit and if i just happen to leave, it’s because my computer needs rebooted.. Spencer: actually needs BOOTED out the fucking window but that’s another story.. […]

24 February, 2007
Coming Soon – A new blog theme …– also tagged , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

UPDATE! – I’ve been busting my balls all fucking day to get this theme ready! I only got, like, TWO more things to do yet, and she should be ready for uploading!! I tried my best to get this theme looking about the same, in Microshit IE6, Firefox 2.0.X, and Opera. As far as I […]