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3 September, 2008
Mozilla Thunderturd, I mean…Thunderbird is a piece of shit…– also posted in General

Wow, I never thought I would be saying this, but, Microshit (Microsoft) has a new competitor now… I always thought Microsoft was the leading software provider for SHIT, but apparently Mozilla wants to be “the one and only”, for providing the shit… Well, you can see for yourself in the images below… Click these images […]

19 August, 2008
Cleaning out some junk in the trunk…– also posted in Feelings

I’ve decided it was time to go through the archives and remove alot of posts that really aren’t worth keeping around anymore. Well, most would think ALL of them aren’t worth keeping around, but, who gives a shit what YOU think anyway… I also heard MOTHER was reading through my blog, sighing and bawling about […]

18 August, 2008
Fucking debt collectors…

There’s nothing worse then debt collectors calling every god damn couple of hours of every god damn day… I swear, they call more than family, girlfriend, friends, and general other idiots and assholes you never wanna hear from. Hell, I’d rather hear from the idiots and assholes, then the debt collectors… Usually when they call […]

11 August, 2008
Vcast music + Rhapsody (Crapsody) – Vcast music = Shit– also posted in General

Ya know what blows horse sized loads? The fucking Rhapsody (Third Turd party shitty software that’s used along side Verizon’s Vcast Music shop) Software. There’s nothing like buying a shit-load of songs LEGALLY (for once in my life), only to resort in having to download most of them ILLEGALLY via Limewire… Come on Crapsody… I mean…Rhapsody.. get your […]

14 July, 2008
I’m tired of saying it, so here’s a message for everyone…– also posted in Bitches, It Is Said

Here’s an image that best describes what’s been going on the last few weeks, or month. Once you read the image, you’ll have a better understanding of what’s been going on lately… Now, don’t get me wrong though, guys are just as bad. But around here lately… it’s just been the females… Go ahead girls, […]

4 June, 2008
Every road and street should have 4 lanes, instead of just 2.– also posted in General

Know what pisses me off? Besides the dumb fucks that have to buy damn lottery tickets just as you walk into the store to buy something fast and get the fuck out of the store… It’s the asshole slow drivers that come out of no where, just as you’re in a hurry to get some where important. […]

29 May, 2008
Gas prices = horse shit!

It’s pretty fucked up that the cost of a gallon of gas, is about the same price as a pack of Marlboro cigarettes. Hell, even minimum wage don’t cover near the cost of a gallon of gas. I think all those top dog assholes controlling the gas prices need shot. It’s a sad shame, that […]

28 May, 2008
I know, I know…– also posted in Bitches, Feelings

Get Spencer for Copyright Infringement… Because he uploaded our pictures, without approval. Boo Whoo. Spencer uploaded our pictures without approval… boo whoo. But, Christine sent them to me! But, Christine wanted people off her ass, Christine wanted the harassers off her, but, who started more shit? Christine!!! For weeks and months I haven’t said shit […]

28 May, 2008
Christine, Christine, where do we begin…– also posted in Bitches

Ya want James to take me for all I worth!? Put that bug up his ass, and try and get me for Copyright Infringement? How about this, bitch… how about taking a few steps back…WHO was the ONE that tried getting me pissed off that James did comics on me, Lindsey, and TGO? Who sent […]

28 May, 2008
Christine, is the cesspool of shit…– also posted in Bitches, Feelings

Keep getting me… Keep threatening me.. Keep it on…. Go ahead. Listen bitch, for all that shit you kept dissing on the “others”.. ya know… all that bitching you gave me hell for… for even contacting them, but yet YOU DID IT yourself.. It’s wonderful to know, there’s that “awesome” girl there for ya in […]