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28 March, 2010
Summer Time…– also posted in Feelings, General

Ah yes, the time for spending time with family you don’t really give a shit about anyway, and you gotta do things you don’t wanna do… Not to mention having to do more work around the house that you rather not do, and last but not least, family reunion picnics and shit. It’s the season […]

17 March, 2010
All talk, no walk…– also posted in Bitches, It Is Said

Basically the title says it. People are pansy fucks, they’re all talk, no walk… They say they’ll do something, yet don’t do it. Really must be nice to be hypocrite, and talking of wonders, only really to be so full of shit in the end anyway. I’m sorry, but I don’t have time for you […]

13 March, 2010
“The Soup”…– also posted in General

We all KNOW the head man of this show… Come on Girls.. T-Hehe.. It’s where we get the latest dis on others in the celebrity news… Only a Bi-Gay guy can stalk you so much, making fun of you… and dissing you like he does, because he’s a stalker… If he’s not following you personally, […]

13 March, 2010
It only takes one to link to me, then they all follow…– also posted in Bitches

I noticed an in-coming referral link earlier the other night, and it’s listed on a chick’s blog from when the past drama whore clique was running amok… Of course I emailed her, asking for it to be removed, no response yet… But seriously, I don’t want these past drama whores following my blog. I’ve already […]

10 March, 2010
The Ronald McFucking Donald clown bitch, makes a come-back in McDumbass Donalds commercials…

Just when I thought the Pansy Ronald McDumb-Fuck Donalds clown had died, I was wrong… Especially this older commercial, where you’ve really made him look like a big gay homosexual, too close for comfort for being around kids… But come on McDumbass Donalds… you’ve basically killed the clown off long ago, because apparently new slogans […]

8 March, 2010
Obama is shit…– also posted in Feelings, It Is Said

He claimed to help our Country, yet is worse than most past Presidents. He’s a shit talker, trying to talk about helping us, yet is failure. He’s sinking our Country farther into the ground then any other President. He slapped wrapping paper around us, and slapped a “Don’t open till Christmas” sticker on it. He’s […]

8 March, 2010
Backstabbers and shit talkers….– also posted in Feelings

They can lick my nuts and fuck off. They too pussy to talk directly to me, they gotta talk their shit smack talk to others… They can’t talk to me directly, they’re pussy. I hate them, I hate you too! Wanna be punks and dissers. Talk to me, not behind my back… Cowards. I’ll level […]

7 March, 2010
Get 3 big bertha pepper plants when you order 3 rainbow pepper plants…

Just when you thought the spammer bastards would try and lure you in on something at least half decent and worth checking out… They’ve now sunk to the lowest of the low, and are now sending out pointless emails regarding Pepper plants and Rainbow Pepper plants? The way it sounds, they’re also trying to keep […]

6 March, 2010
Telemarketers and various tech support fuck-twats…– also posted in General, It Is Said

One of the worst things about calling up for tech support regarding an issue about any product you might have purchased, for example; Verizon DSL High Speed, or what-not. Is that most of the tech support representatives are fucking foreign fucks from India, or some other damn over-seas Country…And you never know what the fuck […]

3 September, 2008
Joe and I’s Yahoo Chat about MoShitta, I mean…Mozilla Thunderturd…– also posted in General

Spencer: well actually.. that default theme is still fucked tho bro Spencer: changing the theme is only temp solution Joe: true Spencer: “technically” Joe: yea Spencer: actually.. if that guy or them guys would have seen screen shots.. they would have SEEN it was default thunderturd theme.. LMAO Joe: they did, they just didnt recongize […]