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5 May, 2010
Photo album for you from Therese on Windows Live….– also posted in Feelings, Rants

Don’t you just hate all these fucking teaser spam mail messages? I do! Sometimes they actually name someone I know personally! At first, I see the title and think… “Oh Boy! More pictures of this chick that I think is cute and sexy! Whoo Hoo!” To this I say; MSN needs to control their fucking […]

4 May, 2010
The low toilet seat…– also posted in Rants

First off, let me just say that this isn’t geared towards the female gender; unless of course you have a huge sagging nut sack or a tranny, so please don’t take offense… I’m not sure which dumb fuck created these things, but they need to stop creating them and selling them! And certain dumb-asses need […]

18 April, 2010
Fart obsession, much?

Generally I browse through the IMDb (The Internet Movie Database) about various actors and actresses to see what all movies they’ve played in and what-not, but this one person on a message board takes the cake. garfodie2005 apparently is a 12 year old kid (age unknown for sure, but he surely acts like a 12 year old) because […]

28 March, 2010
Summer Time…– also posted in Feelings, Rants

Ah yes, the time for spending time with family you don’t really give a shit about anyway, and you gotta do things you don’t wanna do… Not to mention having to do more work around the house that you rather not do, and last but not least, family reunion picnics and shit. It’s the season […]

13 March, 2010
“The Soup”…– also posted in Rants

We all KNOW the head man of this show… Come on Girls.. T-Hehe.. It’s where we get the latest dis on others in the celebrity news… Only a Bi-Gay guy can stalk you so much, making fun of you… and dissing you like he does, because he’s a stalker… If he’s not following you personally, […]

6 March, 2010
Telemarketers and various tech support fuck-twats…– also posted in It Is Said, Rants

One of the worst things about calling up for tech support regarding an issue about any product you might have purchased, for example; Verizon DSL High Speed, or what-not. Is that most of the tech support representatives are fucking foreign fucks from India, or some other damn over-seas Country…And you never know what the fuck […]

2 March, 2010
Man or Woman?

Today is the official start date of a new feature for I’m proudly introducing, “Man or Woman?”…Here’s where I’ll randomly find either men or women photos, and post them to debate what gender they really are. Because well, some times it’s just so damn confusing. Let’s begin! Hi! I’m a nice, a little shy, […]

27 February, 2010
So much shit, so little time…

Please bare with me folks. I still have a shitload of work that needs done on here yet… Plugins to add, images to upload from before, grammatical fixes throughout the blog, and various other things need done as well. It will be all adjusted soon though… 😉

27 February, 2010
The perfect “Girlfriend”, every man knows it’s true too!

How can a man deny that a love doll like her above, couldn’t be the perfect “Girlfriend” for them? I mean seriously, here below is WHY they can’t deny she’d be the perfect girlfriend… 1.) She ain’t going to be a nagging bitch, she’ll keep her fucking mouth shut and take it like the little […]

22 February, 2010
I’m back!

I still have things that need done though, post revamps, images uploaded, and etc. But the VindictiveBastard is back but under another name. We’ll have fun again people. Believe me. A new wave of drama and posts are scheduled soon, stay tuned!